Grout Color Sealing in Boston MA

At Floor Restore we can make your old tile floor appear as if it was newly installed. Not only do we clean the tile, we Color Seal your grout lines to any color you choose.

You will be amazed by our cleaning and grout Color Sealing process. Floor Restore Specialists begin by steam cleaning your tile and grout. Then we apply our grout Color Seal in the color of your choice. After the Color Seal process, we buff the tile for a showroom finish. Your grout lines will look brand new and be stain, water and mold-resistant!

Click the images below for Before & After photos:

Ultimately, Floor Restore will save you time since you will no longer have to scrub your tile and grout on your hands and knees. We will also save you money by giving you new floors at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Floor Restore can Color Seal new and old installations. Most jobs can be completed in hours without the mess, dust and fumes associated with a new installation.

You want brand new tile floors without the brand new price? Let Floor Restore show you how to achieve that with our free in home demo.